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Automatically Tag your images saving man hours and costs


Auto Tagging

Scale your retail catalog with ClasifAI’s automated tagging. ClasifAI leverages Machine Learning to quickly identify attributes of an image such as category, gender, color, pattern, length, sleeve length, and neckline.


Smart Editing

ClasifAI transforms raw images and videos into production-ready images for listings and social media feeds. Images are optimized for maximum impact and to bring high conversion rates.


Similar Recommendation

ClasifAI analyses characteristics to suggest goods similar to what your customer is browsing. Suggesting related products increases conversion rates and makes cross-selling easy.

Retailers all over the world
trust ClasifAI to optimize their listings

Fashion Tagging

Clasifai provides automated fashion tagging to enrich data for clothing, footwear, and bags. Process large volumes of fashion data with us and enhance user experience.


Home Decor Tagging

Allow your customers to use designs and ideas for home décor with your online catalog. Enrich your catalog with automated tags and sell more products with relevant search results on your online platform.


Jewellery Tagging

Online purchase of jewellry items is growing. So it is essential to keep your products updated with relevant tags. Save time with our automated Tagging of all jewellery catalog items.



A variety of groceries are added each day. The model can be easily trained with new items added each day. Automated Tagging and catalog management are of great use to maintain grocery items in an online store.


Consumer Electronics tagging

Electronic items come with deep specifications. For accurate search, each product should be listed with precise tags. We have our model trained to cover general specifications and can be customized as per need.


How it Works

ClasifAI Workflow


Organize Tags

Choose from pre-tags of our model relevant to your data and then list down customized tags for your data segment, business, and use case. We can also start from scratch to develop your own hierarchy.


Process Data

We’ll process your data and product images through our model. The system predicts the labels and will return relevant tags to each image.


Quality Check

Prediction performance improves in each iteration. Quality checks are crucial to check and modify inaccurate predictions


Export Tagged Data

Created labels and predictions can be exported into a CSV file and utilized independently or in conjunction with other business systems.

1. Precise

Get accurate and consistent tags with metadata for refreshing and recurring catalogs

2. Scalable

Scale up tagging to thousands of SKU's with automated tagging.

3. Customizable

Use our existing tags or create your own custom tags for your application.

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